Who Are We?

Danforth Islamic Centre is a religious, non-profit, charitable organization. It was established in 2005 to serve the community of Danforth and surrounding towns, where are number of Canadian families from multicultural backgrounds live. The major services provided by Danforth Islamic Centre are:
  1. To establish congregational prayers for Muslims in this community
  2. To provide Islamic educational programmes for adults and children
  3. Bring together the Islamic community for a variety of religious, social, and cultural events
  4. Promote the core Islamic values of peace, tolerance, mutual respect, and understanding among the wide community.

Our Objective:

To attain the pleasure of Allah - the Almighty creator - by practicing Islam to create social development, peace and harmony


To serve and unify the Muslim community in Toronto- Danforth and surrounding areas regardless of age-sex, culture, race and ethnicity; and to build understanding of the Islamic values, culture and heritage by linking with other religious faith group.


To develop a multi-purpose community centre for the Muslim community that will serve as a place of worship and address their social, cultural and educational needs.

To promote and advance the spiritual teaching of Islam in Canada and abroad, in order to give a comprehensive understanding of Islam to everyone irrespective of creed or colour to establish confusion and misconception about Islam and Muslim.

To establish good relations with the community at large by teaching out and helping out in different common activities that intent to relieve the sufferings of the others to help create peace, harmony, mutual respect and tolerant environment among all.

To reach the general people through the available media and through our publications, newsletter, and open house programs.

Current Activities:

  1. Five times daily prayer, jumm’a prayer, and annual Eid Prayer.
  2. Study circles
  3. LEcture session for Muslims and Non-Muslims
  4. Educational Programs for Children, Youth and Adults
  5. Summer School
  6. Night and Weekend Classes
  7. Educational Camps and Excursions
  8. Publication of Islamic Literature and Pamphlets
  9. Workshop for Hajj, Fasting, Zakat, and other related fields Arabic classes for Adults
  10. Memorization of Quran & Hadith

Future Plan:

  1. Establish an Islamic Multipurpose community Centre in own place
  2. Establish a references Library with special emphasis of Islam, Science and Culture
  3. Funeral service
  4. Kids activity centre
  5. Food Bank
  6. Orphan Sponsor program